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Exchange of Value - Bringing Sellers and Buyers of Businesses Together

We’ve all heard of Real Estate Brokers, Financial Brokers but what is a Business Broker? How can this benefit you?

First, let’s define what a business brokerage is: At Ford Mance Capital Advisors we represent not only the owner of a business but the buyer looking for a business to invest in. Through guiding the business owner from inception to completion, helping them to add or create value and generate equity in their business thereby making it more attractive to the buyer(s).

By working with highly curated businesses we create an environment where investors can diversify their portfolio and participate in funding businesses focused on creating “Intangible Capital” and are incentivized in growing a culture of Conscious Capitalism.

What Makes Ford Mance Capital Advisors Unique?

We are assimilating a Business Mastermind Collective for entrepreneurs and buyers through the Guild Business Development Center. Entrepreneurs are nurtured and businesses are cultivated through training, mentoring and guidance. Most funds care about one thing, making sure the investor receives a good return on their investment. At Ford Mance Capital Advisors, we care about three (3) things:

· Investors making a good return on their investment

· Creating value for businesses

· Creating commonwealth for local communities

In January 2019, we launched our Alternative Investor Opportunity Fund. Our fund is aimed toward re-emerging downtown's by focusing its financial capital with tax benefits newly available by the Internal Revenue Service. Our offering is the first of its kind using ‘Reg A’ security distribution methodology enabling us to advertise and sell directly to investors in person or online.

So whatever stage you are in your business, whether it’s a startup, or a seasoned business; if you are at a point where its time to bring in an investor, we can help you. On that same note, buyers ready to invest in multiple pieces of real estate as well as businesses, then this unique fund is for you.

For more information on Ford Mance Capital Advisors – 760.436.8088

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